From Given Up Hope to Renewed Hope

A 68-year-old man with rectal cancer that had metastasized (spread to other parts of the body) was given chemotherapy and palliative care at a previous hospital. Unfortunately, he was sent home with the message that “nothing much can be done.”

The family then reached out to us for appropriate medical care. We promptly conducted an assessment and initiated monthly reviews by our doctors and nurses. Additionally, we held regular discussions with the family to keep them informed about the patient’s condition.

We continued with our tailored regimen of medications and supplements, emphasizing comfort and pain-free care. It is incredibly rewarding to receive direct feedback from the family about our service, care, and empathetic approach. Most importantly, we are gratified to provide comfort care during this crucial time for the patient.

These kinds of feedback energize our team, especially when the patient’s journey becomes challenging. We extend our heartfelt thanks to this patient and his family for reminding us of our core purpose in medicine.